Rolling month by month contracts.


R 3200 /month

Enjoy the routine of having a dedicated space to work from in a shared environment at one location, your own lock away space with month-to-month flexibility and 24/7 access.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

R 2000 /month

Enjoy the routine of coming into your shared space at one location, every month. You’ll get 5 hours per day, every day - perfect for those that need a flexible half-day monthly offering.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

R 1000 /week

Save your spot in a common area at one location. Just bring your laptop, pick an open seat, and get to work and still enjoy the flexibility of a weekly schedule.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

R 250 /day

Similar to a pay-as- you-go plan. Simply book your space for the day, whether its a desk or a conference room, and give yourself that flexibility to work at Perch when it suits your schedule.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

From R 6800 /month

A dedicated and flexible serviced office for small businesses, seating from 2 - 6 people. A lockable Private Suite offers businesses 24/7 access, high-speed internet and access to meeting rooms.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

book the boardroom exclusively

R245 - R425 /hour

6 - seater boardroom
7 - seater boardroom
8 - seater boardroom
10 - seater boardroom

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.

Event Spaces at Perch

R12000 /day

Book your year-end function at our Perch Rooftop event space. This year we make it easy for you to decide how to celebrate your year-end function to nurture your greatest asset, your people. If you need a conference or strategy session included in your year-end plan, we can arrange this for you. End the year on a productive and high note for R12,000 for a full-day event or R6,000 for a half-day or evening event.

*Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


and it’s my sanctuary. As a mother of two and a freelancer I find that co-working is a vital part of my business model, I need the hourly and daily flexibility with rates, as well as the separation from home (and distracting coffee shops); heading to a set place of work every morning gives me a sense of drive and productivity.⠀

- Mila Crewe-Brown, Freelance Writer