Perch is more than just an office - it's an inspiring, collaborative workspace.

Perch is more than just an office. It’s an inspiring collaborative workspace to run your business from where you can network, meet and collaborate with your neighbours.

Co-Working is a style of working that adopts a shared working environment, but with independent working activity. Unlike a normal office environment, the Co-Workers are not employed by the same organisation and are often freelancers, small business owners or independent professionals. Co-Working allows for social interaction, sharing of ideas and networking, but this takes place amongst people who are working independently of one another, but share the same values and are interested in the synergy that can happen from working with people who work in the same place alongside each other.

Our concept is simple: provide a beautifully designed space in an unrivalled location, where experienced freelancers, seasoned entrepreneurs, small business owners or independent professionals, seeking an alternative to working in chaotic coffee shops or the isolation of their own homes, can come together in a like-minded community to grow their businesses.

Perch was formed in 2017 by Grapnel Property Group, a property fund management, development and investment company. Grapnel has been a pioneer in the South African property market over the years and has been credited with a number of ‘trail blazing’ initiatives including the formation and listing of South Africa’s first Hotel and Leisure property fund (Hospitality Fund). More recently they have been involved in the development of high-rise apartments in Rosebank. These properties (The Vantage and, coming soon, The Tyrwhitt) are both within walking distance of Perch.

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From as little as R250 per day and flexible month-to-month contracts, Perch offers pricing
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I have thoroughly enjoyed finding a space where

I can feel comfortable and be productive in a cool environment with great people, and of course, great coffee! Perch has got it right in my opinion, based on my exposure as a property professional as well as 4 years in London, some of which took me into some of the world's leading co-working spaces. Keep up the great work!

- Sean Godoy of Divercity Property Solutions