Why Perch

Why hop on our perch?


Perch is an inspiring collaborative workspace to run your business from.

It’s more than just a desk. It’s a stylishly designed workspace, seating you in a Co-Working community that comes with all of the services you need to make your business a success.

The financial benefits of using a coworking space far outweigh the financial costs of long-term, inflexible and costly lease agreements.

The perks of using Perch


Centrally situated in Rosebank, only an 8 minute walk and less than 450 metres from the Gautrain station, and close to shops, restaurants and bars, it makes Perch the perfect location.

Perch provides an escape from the isolation of working from home, or the chaos of working from a coffee shop.



The Perch Co-Working Office Space has been professionally designed to create comfortable, relaxed and functional workspaces that inspire success.

With an open-plan environment, the space has been designed to enhance the Co-Working community, as well as to provide a meeting space you can be proud to invite your clients to. Perch offers a comfortable and functional Co-Working Office Space in an open-plan environment as well as meeting rooms, boardrooms and private phone booths. Enjoy being in a professional office environment without the investment of interior design, furniture and equipment and without the need to commit to long-term, inflexible and costly lease agreements.


Social interaction. Positive energy. Diverse networking opportunities.

The Perch Co-Working community is what sets it apart from its competitors. Whether you’re after some feedback on an idea, seeking new clients, looking for recommendations on suppliers, having someone to go on a coffee break with, or grabbing a beer after work, the power of Perch’s Co-Working community is in a league of its own.


The community is what makes Perch’s Co-Working Office Space a success.

Over time, we will hold regular events, workshops and training sessions, both professional and social, to help grow and maintain the Co-Working culture.



By joining Perch, you get access to a host of amenities and services, chosen specifically to make your working life easier.

  • Fast, reliable and unlimited internet.
  • State of the art wireless copiers, printers and scanners.
  • Private booths for conference calls or short periods of complete privacy.
  • Boardrooms with screen and speakers for client meetings and presentations.
  • Plenty of safe and convenient parking.
  • Delicious coffee.
  • Lockers to safely put away your stuff to save you packing up each day.

Why not pop in for a coffee and have a look around?



Perch offers you the flexibility of daily use or month-to-month contracts.

There’s no long-term commitment. Have a look at our pricing plans to find a plan suitable for you. You can increase the amount of space you need, as your business grows.


Perch very quickly became my working space of choice.

With an office at home, and sometimes working alone, it is a refreshing break for me to work in a space that has a buzz about it. The interiors are gorgeous and well laid out which allows me to engage with co-workers or work privately. The accessibility to Rosebank Mall and Zone is also helpful as I can literally walk across the street to the shops if I need anything. Oh - and the coffee is great - which is very important!

- Renee Schonborn of Little Black Book PR