The Startup Grind
with Shakes Motsilili

February 27, 2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Perch Coworking Office Space, 37 Bath Avenue, Rosebank

From R90

Shakes Motsilili has come from humble beginnings to become the first Black person in South African history to come in the top ten in the Science Olympiad, representing South Africa in London in 1993. He then went on to become the first Black person to pass the University of Pretoria Actuarial Examinations and was promoted to become the head of the Actuarial Department at Momentum Life at the age of 34. Shakes specialized in investment innovation, catering to the needs of some of South Africa’s most sophisticated high net wealth clients. In 2011 he co-founded Africa New Energies with Stephen Larkin, his former university flatmate. Shakes has since spearheaded the forming of the first BEE Venture Capital Company and with Stephen Larkin has lobbied for Section12J, the South African tax deductions that the AzizaCoin digital currency will be using.

Earlier last year, the co-founders rejected a bid that valued Africa New Energies at R6.7 billion due to ethical and environmental concerns. They have specifically developed this new digital currency to fund their and many other African entrepreneurial businesses in a way that keeps promises to local communities and manages investor risk against capital losses. This allows a crowd of smaller investors to access high potential early-stage companies that would normally only be available to the very wealthiest members of our society.

Join us this month as we host Aziza Coin Co-founder and TEDx Speaker Shakes Motsilili at Perch Offices. One of the most useful practices any startup owner or entrepreneur can adopt is to attend as many relevant networking events as possible. The value you can get from Startup Grind events is enormous. Communicating with like-minded, motivated and active people can take your game to another level.

One big reason to attend: Sharing knowledge as an entrepreneur is key – regardless of what stage you are at in your journey. Startup Grind brings everyone together in a low-key environment where all ideas are welcome, you’re a part of the global startup community and you have the ability to connect and learn from several heavy hitters in the scene.

Get tickets HERE, but act fast because space is limited.

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