The Role of the
Mobility in GoodWork

February 7, 2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Perch Coworking Office Space, 37 Bath Avenue, Rosebank


Join the GoodWork Society’s first event for 2018 a public debate exploring whether the mobile workforce trend encourages Good Work.

Against a backdrop of a revolution in ways of working and with leaders exploring ways to reinvent organisations which look better suited for the 20th Century rather than the 21st Century we’ve seen a huge uptick in the interest of workforce mobility. Organisations face complex and often ambiguous challenges. They need to draw on wider talent-pools and sustain the interest of the best talent to address these challenges.

It is within this context that we hope to explore:

  1. Have people’s expectations of work changed within the context of the workplace?
  2. What are the prevailing trends in workspace design which might support an improved employee experience?
  3. Can a mobile workforce strategy tap into the full potential of employees and enable Good Work, or does the head-office still have a role to play in supporting organisational culture?
  4. What is the role of the office space in sustaining and supporting organisational culture and does it still have an important role to play in developing communities at work?

To discuss these questions and more we’ll host Good Work advocates from Giant Leap, Ecophon Saint-Gobain, Discovery and Green Building Council South Africa who will each have a chance to a panel discussion on the impact of workforce mobility on the modern organisation. Read more about the panelists here >>

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