October Speed Greet
Briony Liber

October 17, 2018

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Perch Coworking Office Space, 37 Bath Avenue, Rosebank

RSVP only

We bring to you an exciting event aimed at all the solo-entrepreneurs out there. Being a one-man or women show can bring its own unique challenges and can get rather lonely at times. Speed-Greet a bunch of your peers from various industries and backgrounds, basically high-intensity networking.⠀

Briony Liber will be giving 20-30 minute talk on a relevant topic, and then MC Speed-Greet sessions. These sessions will last about 45 minutes where attendees get 3 minutes to intro themselves before the buzzer goes and they move on. Space is limited so be sure to confirm your seat! RSVP today!⠀

Overview of talk:
We make 1000s of decisions everyday (some research suggests around 35000 a day). Imagine having to consciously think about making each of those decisions? Exhausted much?

To cut down on the energy required to make these decisions, our brains automate certain functions. Brushing our teeth, boiling the kettle and tying your shoelaces are one form of automation – you don’t consciously have to think about them do you?

How we prefer to think, make decisions, communicate, manage, lead, solve problems, engage with others and do business, are other forms of automation – or put another way our unconscious preferences.

Our unconscious preferences connect us when we share these preferences, and have the potential to disconnect us when we don’t.

The impact of this in business can be the difference between building the relationship that leads to long term work, and not connecting with your target audience at all.

Understanding the thinking preferences of people we come in contact with, helps us build better relationships and do better business with them.

Based on the Neethling Brain Instruments Thinking Preferences, Briony Liber a career and business coach, will talk about 4 thinking preferences and what these can look like in our behaviours.

Briony Liber coaches degreed professionals who want to manage their careers like a business, and solopreneurs who want to manage their businesses like a business (and less like a hobby). Prior to moving into coaching in 2016, she consulted for almost two decades on environmental and social risk management to mines across Sub-Saharan Africa.

It’s going to be great, you need to be there!⠀

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